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Boost your business with a cloud-based contact center solution

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  • Boost your business with a cloud-based contact center solution

    Good communication is at the heart of any relationship.

    The same principle rings true in the world of business. When the lines of communication between a company and its clients are open and readily available, consumer trust and confidence is encouraged.

    Nowadays, businesses use digital channels like email and social media to connect with potential and existing clients. Traditional means such as phone calls, however, is still a popular choice.

    In fact, advertising and marketing advisory firm BIA/Kelsey projects 169 billion mobile calls to businesses by 2020. Further, these calls are 10-15 times more likely to generate a successful sale or follow-up activity than digital form submissions. This means that in terms of generating revenue, phone calls are more efficient and effective.

    However, most businesses find setting up a customer service hotline costly and time consuming. With cloud-based contact center apps like IPC VOICES (Voice Over Internet Call Exchange Suite), businesses can make and receive customer calls, store customer data, as well as record and monitor conversations between the business’ customer service representative (CSR) and the caller/client.

    Want to know more about the features of a cloud-based contact center platform? Read on to find out:
    • An all-in-one dashboard to manage calls

    Customer service agents can access the solution through a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) dashboard. Aside from having a built-in dialer, the system contains tabs that show each customer’s profile and call scripts; and allows the user to create notes about the conversation. Aside from voice calls, it also allows the user to send and receive email and chat messages.

    Through the Quality Assurance (QA) portal, the QA team can evaluate the effectiveness of CSRs by simply pulling up relevant reports and listening to the call recordings.
    • A hassle-free setup system

    Aside from having an internet connection of at least 1MBPS, setting up a contact center with a cloud-based customer service platform simply requires two devices -- a computer and a USB headset.

    And while you may employ as many CSRs as your business needs, the solution only needs an assigned administrator to facilitate its use.
    • Cost-effective means to sustain a contact center team

    A company need not sign a fixed contract that comes with a hefty price tag to create a contact center. The business merely needs to pay for the number of CSR accounts deployed, according to the number of agents who use it each month.
    • Use anytime, anywhere through any device

    The solution is an office space-saver! It can be accessed by authorized users even from a remote location (eliminating the need to allot a dedicated space for the contact center team); and through any device (a mobile phone, laptop, or tablet) that’s connected to the internet.

    This feature also contributes to the productivity of each employee, knowing that he/she can work on calls while on the go.

    Finding tech innovations complicated to use? Think again.

    A bold perspective and an open mind may just about help your business soar to greater heights.

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